Idióta focidrukkerek verik egymást 2 rész

Idióta focidrukkerek verik egymást 2 rész

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    Ana and Barbie, sisters, under the skin by Lori Helm Anna knelt in her \'secret place\'. It was dark. The only light came in through a crack in the wall. When her family had moved into this house a year ago she had found this small cubby-hole behind a secret panel in her closet. She had covered the entrance with some clothes and hadn\'t told anyone about it. Whenever she wanted to be alone, she could come here and nobody could find her. Tonight she knelt, naked, in her secret place, so she could \'pet\' herself. She didn\'t know why it felt so good when she rubbed herself, but she knew she didn\'t want her parents to know. She was sure her mother would tell her it wasn\'t right\'. She had overheard her sister getting lectured about it a few years ago, and now she knew why her sister did it. Ana\'s sister Barbie was 15 to Ana\'s, 11. Through the crack in the wall she could see into her sister\'s room. She knew that Barbie still petted herself, even after she was told not to. Now Ana watched through the crack to see if her sister would do it again tonight. Barbie lay in bed, still, but not asleep. Ana was about to give up on her when Barbie sat up in bed suddenly, then went to the window. Ana couldn\'t see the window clearly, but when Barbie came back into sight, she had a boy with her. It was Alan Thompson. Ana thought Barbie had stopped going out with him because their mother didn\'t like him. \"I guess not.\" Ana thought. Barbie started kissing the boy and removing his shirt. She kissed his chest and licked his nipples. Ana thought how good that must feel as she flicked her own tiny nipples with her fingers. Barbie was now removing his pants. Alan closed his eyes and licked his lips a little. Ana wondered what her sister was going to do. Ana had never seen a boy\'s privates, but her mother had told her that they were different from hers. She watched intently as Barbie pulled Alan\'s penis from his boxers. It was long and round and kind of funny looking. Ana almost giggled at the shape. She could barely make out Alan saying something like \"Suck my cock.\" This was followed by Barbie sushing him so no one would hear. Ana thought his private part must be called a \'cock\'. Barbie took Alan\'s cock into her mouth. Ana wondered if she were going to eat it. She was almost relieved when she saw it emerge again from her sister\'s mouth, intact. Barbie was licking it like a lollypop. She licked for a minute or so and then some white stuff squirted out of the end of it into Barbie\'s mouth. Ana wondered what that was, but it looked awfully messy as her sister tried to clean it up. After Barbie had wiped the stuff up with some Kleenex, she raised up her nightie and sat down on her bed. Ana couldn\'t see as well, but she could tell Alan\'s hand was doing something. After a minute or two, Barbie began so jerk around on the bed. Ana decided Alan must have been petting her and decided it must feel really good. Barbie finally lay still again. Alan leaned over her and kissed her again. Then he put his clothes back on and must have left through the window. All this time Ana had been petting herself very slowly. She wanted to make sure she didn\'t \'go over\' as she called it, too fast. Ana had decided the show was over for the night, and concentrated on getting herself off. So she continued petting herself until the sensations were too much for the little girl and she almost whimpered as she went \'over\'. * * * A few days later, Barbie was out in the backyard in the pool. Ana knew her parents wouldn\'t be home for another 2 hours at least. She slipped into her sister\'s bedroom. Since Ana and Barbie were the only children, they had always had room to have separate bedrooms. Ana knew that Barbie kept a lot of things hidden in her dresser somewhere, but from the view she had in her secret place, she could never quite tell where. She opened the bottom drawer and looked through the clothes in it. She didn\'t find anything. She went to the next drawer. Then the next. The top drawer was almost too high for her. She pulled it open a little too far and the drawer slipped out and dropped to the floor with a loud thud. She hoped her sister couldn\'t hear that out in the pool. She quickly tried to figure out how to put the drawer back in, when she noticed something inside the dresser, behind where the top drawer went. It was some kind of box. She reached in and pulled the box out. Just then Barbie rushed into the room. \"Ana, are you alright?\" she asked before she noticed the drawer. \"Barbie. I thought you were in the pool.\" \"Well I was in the Kitchen getting a drink when I heard...\" She stopped realizing where they were and what her sister had found. \"What are you doing in here?\" \"Looking for this.\" Ana held up the long white thing she had seen her sister use on herself. \"You\'re too young for that. What do you know about that?\" \"I know you put it in you the other night. And I know Alan was here.\" \"How did you know that?\" Barbie glared at her sister. \"I can\'t tell. But I will tell Mom and Dad about Alan unless you show me what to do with this.\" \"You little extortionist.\" Barbie said almost admiring her sister\'s cunning. \"Alright, what do you want to know?\" Barbie was still in her damp one piece bathing suit. Ana\'s red hair was pulled back through a baseball cap. She had on a pair of shorts and a tube top to keep cool since it was so hot this summer. \"Get undressed and show me how this thing works.\" Barbie slipped out of her one piece bathing suit and sat on the bed. \"Hand me my box.\" Barbie motioned to the box Ana had found in the dresser. She brought it to her. Barbie pulled out a tube and the white cylinder. She held up the white thing and said \"This is a vibrator.\" She indicated the tube in her other hand. \"This is KY jelly. It makes things slippery.\" \"Where did you get them?\" Ana asked. \"Aunt Jenny gave me the vibrator and taught me how to give a blow job, like I did to Alan. She said it would help me keep the boys happy, and the vibrator would keep me happy, and I wouldn\'t end up pregnant. I got the KY at the hospital. It\'s been pretty easy to sneak some out since I\'m volunteering as a Candy-stiper on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this summer.\" Barbie flipped the cap open on the KY and squirted some of the clear lube onto the vibrator. \"You wanted an education, little sister? Well this is my pussy.\" She pulled back the lips around her pussy. \"And this is my clitty.\" She flicked it lightly with her finger and bit her lip a bit with pleasure. \"Do you ever play with your clitty, Ana?\" Ana was watching mesmerized by her sister\'s lewdness. She nodded silently. \"Take off your clothes, Ana. I want to see you play with yourself. Rub your clitty for me.\" Ana pulled off her shorts and underwear at the same time, then removed her tube top. She had been in control before, but now she was so rapt at this scene from her dreams before her, that she could not help but obey. She knelt down like she had so many times in her secret place, and began to pet herself. \"I\'m about to fuck myself with this vibrator.\" Barbie smeared the jelly around the entire length of the white shaft. She lay back and slid the vibrator ever so slowly into her pussy. This time Ana had a superb view of what was happening. She flicked her clitty as she had seen her sister do before. She jumped, startled at the intense pleasure it sent through her. She did it again. and again. In just a fIn a few minutes she was going over. She let herself gasp aloud. \"That\'s right baby sister. Cum for your big sis. Cum for me Ana.\" Barbie coaxed. When Ana had partly recovered she could see her sister pounding the vibrator into herself furiously. Seconds later, she was cumming too. After a few minutes both had recovered. \"We\'d better clean up quick. Mom and Dad will be home soon.\" Ana agreed and the girls got dressed and cleaned up everything. * * * That night, after their parents were asleep, Ana went to Barbie\'s room. \"Barbie?\" Ana peeked in through the door. \"I expected to see you tonight, sis. More education?\" Ana nodded. She really wanted to see more of Barbie\'s body. Anna closed the door behind her. Barbie was already nude, and Ana pulled off her gown on her way to Barbie\'s bed. \"Is Alan coming again tonight?\" \"No. His Grandparents are in town for the next week and he can\'t get out at night. Have you ever let any one else masturbate you?\" \"No.\" \"Why don\'t you lay back and let your big sis take care of you.\" Ana lay back on the bed with her legs slightly spread. Barbie lay between Ana\'s legs propped up on one elbow. She slowly touched the nearly hairless 11 year olds mound. She rubbed up and down over her vulva. Ana was in heaven. Involuntarily she spread her legs further, until they were spread as wide as they could go. This spreading parted her nether lips and Barbie was given a good view of her little sister\'s pussy. She rubbed her hand into the slit and up and down. Ana moaned lightly and bit her lip to keep from being any louder. Barbie\'s hand was slippery with her sisters juices she began to flick Ana\'s little clitoris. Ana jumped at the first few flicks then settled into the shear pleasure of the experience. In just a minute her clitoris was swollen to twice normal size and with one last flick, she was cumming. This was more intense than any of her little cums in her secret place had been. Her little body shuddered over and over, until she finally calmed after a few minutes. Barbie smiled at her. \"Was that a good cum?\" \"That was the best!\" Ana said emphatically. \"Can I do you now?\" Barbie smiled again. \"I want you to kiss me on my pussy.\" \"Okay,\" Anna said, puzzled. She wasn\'t sure why her sister wanted her to kiss her on her privates, on her pussy. But she decided it was worth trying. Barbie lay back, her large breasts jiggled a bit as she plopped back. She spread her legs, knowing what would come next. Ana lay between Barbie\'s legs and started to kiss her on the thigh. She wanted to work her way to her big sister\'s pussy slowly, just to tease her. She had no idea how erotic this would be to Barbie. Barbie\'s breathing got heavier and she almost moaned a few times. Finally Ana reached her sister\'s moist center. She kissed her directly on the clit. This time it was Barbie\'s turn to jump in pleasure. Ana began to lick and suck on Barbie\'s clit like a pro. In just minutes, Barbie was shivering with orgasm. Ana moved up and sat down beside her sister. Barbie lay still for a minute then Ana asked, \"did YOU have a good cum, Barbie?\" \"It was the Best!\" she replied. Both sisters giggled at the deja vu. Barbie thought about how much she admired that insatiable little 11 year old, and how thankful she was for their fun times together. Probably the end... (2016-01-29 19:52:16)
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